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A coach is one of the most influential people in a young person’s life. Coaches don’t just teach how to hit a ball or block a spike but how to win and lose graciously. The athletic skills young people learn from coaches may only apply for a few years, but the attitudes they develop toward themselves and others will last a lifetime. As a role model, the coach is a teacher, leader, organizer and counselor.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is an essential aspect for becoming the best coach you can possibly be. Whether you are coaching a community team or coaching a national team, an NCCP workshop will be beneficial for you.

In 2017, Volleyball Canada and the Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Associations developed a single policy to apply across the country. The policy is progressive over three years to lessen the demands for time, and allows for meaningful growth as a coach. This policy is outlined in our Volleyball Manitoba 2018 Coach Certification Requirements for 13U–16U and 17U/18U levels of play. Under this new policy, National Championship participation counts have been reset, so all coaches attending Nationals in 2017 were considered to be in their first year at Nationals.

View the Certification Pathways section to see all the steps needed to become fully certified in your coaching context.

View the Coaching Requirements section to see which coach education pieces are required for Provincial or National Club Championships.

Any NCCP course is delivered by four (4) different partners:

  • Volleyball Canada
  • Volleyball Manitoba
  • Coaching Association of Canada
  • Coaching Manitoba

The role of each partner is described in the Certification Pathways section.