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Welcome to the 2017-18 Age Class Club Volleyball (“Club Volleyball”) Season!

In addition to the work and activity of middle schools and the Manitoba High School Athletic Association (MHSAA), Club Volleyball has become one of the primary development programs for volleyball in our province, and VM is pleased to play a role in facilitating the season, organizing tournaments, running Club Volleyball Provincial Championships and seeing many teams from our province participate at the Canadian Championships.

The club volleyball season officially begins with the try-out period in December following the school volleyball season. Clubs and teams then train and play from January through May of each year. Dozens of clubs and close to 200 teams exist around the province, from the 13U-18U categories, for both boys and girls.

Club Volleyball does not happen by accident. It is the culmination of effort from:

  • The athletes who put in countless hours of training and see their success as they compete in a host of competitions.
  • Parents, family members and guardians who invest the time, money and effort to provide the athletes with an opportunity to learn our great game, compete, develop life-long friendships and experience the life-skills that come with participation in sport.
  • Coaches who give selflessly of their time to plan their seasons; organize tryouts and recruit athletes; plan and run dozens of practices; thoughtfully prepare for competition; and celebrate and sometimes agonize on the highs and lows that each season brings.
  • Encouraging families and friends who support all the participants, abiding by the VM Spectators Behavioral Code of Conduct (available on VM website as Appendix A).
  • Volleyball Clubs and their organizers who manage the web-sites, take the calls, recruit coaches, arrange facilities, fill-out the forms, collect the fees, order the uniforms and quietly do the work that few see.
  • Referees who allow athletes and coaches alike to focus on the game, ensuring a fair and competitive environment; and
  • VM is privileged to play a role by providing some of the rules, guidelines, administrative infrastructure, and planning to align our province’s Club Volleyball program with the broader volleyball community – both provincially and with Volleyball Canada (VC).

All details and information on club season can be found within the various links on our website, including our club volleyball handbook, Provincial Championship and tournament information, how to find a club, along with a FAQ document.

Good luck to all teams and clubs throughout the 2018 season!