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2018 Age Class Provincial Rankings [COMING SOON!]

Volleyball Manitoba 2018 Ranking Procedures

  • Weekly sanctioned tournament results will be used to determine Provincial Rankings, however there is no set “wins = points” formula.
  • Tournament results are cumulative, a team’s overall season record will be considered each week when determining Rankings.
  • More recent results will be weighted more heavily than early season results.
  • Playoff performance will be weighted more heavily than Round Robin performance.
  • Results against top ranked opponents will be weighted more heavily than other results.
  • A team’s Total Body of Work is the number one factor in determining their status going in to Provincials, not a single match.
  • The thoughtful consideration of the committee in order to provide a fair and balanced Provincial Championship Schedule/Draw.
  • Provincial Rankings will be posted every Tuesday following the first weekend of March.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Anthony Roberts at

We ask that you please do not contact Ranking Committee Chairs directly, and instead forward all questions through Anthony.