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Coaching Opportunities

The following coaching opportunities in volleyball are currently available:

Volleyball Manitoba is accepting coaching applications for 2018 Team Manitoba in the following categories: Junior, Youth, Select, Training Teams and Future Select. For a more detailed description of 2018 Team Manitoba Indoor Programing, click here and complete the following form to apply:

2018 Team Manitoba Coach Application Form – Indoor

Professional Development Opportunities

The following professional development opportunities are currently available:

The purported relationship between both concussion and sub-concussion injuries and long-term cognitive deficits including the risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has drawn much attention to the dangers of repeated head impacts, which may be more common with sport participation. This presentation will examine current evidence around the potential role of specific nutrients and nutritional supplements to influence possible brain protection in high-risk sports, as well as their effects on supporting post-consussion managment.

Volleyball Canada is now accepting applications for coaches interested in attending one of five NCCP Performance Coach workshops this summer of 2018.

The 3-day Performance Coach Workshop focusses on the skill of Performance Analysis (error detection and correction) using video technology. This is an advanced volleyball coaching workshop and is intended for coaches who aspire to develop athletes and teams which will be competitive at national level competitions and university/college leagues.

For an overview of the workshop click HERE.

For more information on 2018 Performance Coach Workshops and to apply for your spot, click HERE.